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Articles - Booklets and leaflets

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Charter for Grandchildren, 27/04/06 [S]
As part of the Family Matters series of documents the Scottish Executive has published the Charter for Grandchildren. This outlines how grandparents can be involved in children's lives.

Family Matters packs, 27/04/06 [S]
The Scottish Executive has published a range of Family Matters publications. These publications include the Parenting Agreement for Scotland Plan, the Charter for Grandchildren, and a number of guides and leaflets with more information.

Mental health law newsletter, 03/04/06 [S]
Scottish Executive newsletter which looks at the changes to mental health law currently underway. Included in this newsletter is an update on the joint local implementation process, information on the research programme, and a list of the guidance currently available on specific topics.

Role of schools in delivering integrated children's services, 07/02/06 [S]
Scottish Executive pamphlet for local authorities and schools to clarify their role in delivering integrated children's services.

Making the difference: New technology in learning, 17/01/06 [S]
Scottish Executive publication explaining to parents and carers what kind of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) that their child learns at school and how they can help their child become familiar with new technology.

Making the difference: Enterprise in education, 17/01/06 [S]
Scottish Executive publication explaining to parents and carers what enterprise in education means and how they can help their child to become enterprising.

Mental Health Act guides 08/12/05 [S]
A series of guides relating to the new Mental Health Act. Guides are available on consent to treatment, emergency and short-term powers, independent advocacy, the role of the Mental Welfare Commission, and the roles and duties of NHS Boards and Local Authorities. The guides are for service users and their carers.

Video identification parade booklet for children, young people and parents, 19/10/05 [S]
Scottish Executive booklets for children and young people, and parents of children attending Video Identification Parades. The booklets include information on why Video Identification Parades are held, what they are, who will attend and where they may be held. They also address some common fears and questions about Video Identification Parades.

Identity parades with child witness - guidance, 19/10/05 [S]
Guidance developed by the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland on the conduct of identity parades with child witnesses. The guidance will help to make sure that child witnesses are more supported and less stressed when they are involved in identity parades. This publication is aimed primarily at police officers in charge of the investigation and police officers conducting the identity parade.

New Mental Health Act easy to read guide, 18/10/05 [S]
The Scottish Executive has published an easy to read guide to the new Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003. It explains who the new Act applies to, what the Act means to Councils and Health Boards, what rights are entitled to people under the Act, plus contact information for the Mental Welfare Commission and where to find more information.