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Learning from case reviews involving first generation immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees, 06/06/14 [E/NI/S/W]
This briefing from the NSPCC pulls together and highlights learning around working with parents and/or children born outside the UK. It is based on case reviews published since 2010.

Learning from case reviews involving culture and faith, 06/06/14 [E/NI/S/W]
Based on case reviews published since 2010, this briefing looks at learning from case reviews to facilitate culturally and faith-sensitive practice when working with children and families.

Re-thinking Welfare: Fair, Personal and Simple, 04/06/14 [S]
This is the 2nd report of the Expert Working Group on Welfare looking at the medium and long term options for welfare in an independent Scotland.

Census 2011: Detailed characteristics on Population and Households in Scotland, 04/06/14 [S]
The Registrar General for Scotland has published statistics on population and households from national to local level.

Education Scotland Quality Indicator Summary Analysis Published, 04/06/14 [S]
94 per cent of pre-school centres and 90 per cent of schools have been evaluated as satisfactory or better by Education Scotland.

Education Working For All! Commission for Developing Scotland's Young Workforce Final Report, 03/06/14 [S]
The final report by the group tasked with helping Scotland develop a world class system of vocational education and training has been welcomed by the Scottish Government.

Beyond the School Gate - Improving Food Choices in the School Community, 03/06/14 [S]
Beyond the School Gate is a Scottish Government project backed by COSLA and the Scottish Grocers’ Federation. It aims to promote ways to encourage children to stay on school premises at lunchtime and eat a healthy meal, and for shopkeepers near schools to think about how they can offer more healthy choices.

The meaning of online problematic situations for children: results of qualitative cross-cultural investigation in nine European
This report from EU Kids Online advises that sensationalist coverage of online risks such as cyberbullying or the dangers of meeting an online ‘friend’ offline, may be acting as a barrier to effectively educating children on e-safety.

Consultation on Extending the Rights of Children with Capacity Under the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland)
The Scottish Government has published an analysis report providing an analysis of responses to the recent Scottish Government consultation.

Planning improvements for disabled pupils’ access to education - consultation report, 30/05/14 [S]
The Scottish Government has published a consultation report on the Scottish Government's consultation on draft guidance on the Disability Strategies and Pupils' Educational Records (Scotland) Act 2002.