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Articles - Inquiries

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Youth Justice Inquiry
The Scottish Parliament’s Justice 2 Committee is carrying out an inquiry to review the effectiveness of multi-agency working and to identify and assess the impact of gaps in service provision in the youth justice field.

Pupil Motivation Inquiry
The Scottish Parliament's Education Committee launched an inquiry into pupil motivation in November 2004. The Inquiry is currently in the latter stages of the inquiry which aims to identify how all children and young people can be motivated by their school experience to enable them to achieve their full potential.

Equal Opportunities Committee consider evidence on Disability Inquiry, 28/06/05 [S]
During their meeting on 28 June 2005 the Equal Opportunities Committee considered a summary of evidence and proposals for action to progress the inquiry.

Education Committee on Pupil Motivation Inquiry, 22/06/05 [S]
At their meeting on 22 June 2005 the Education Committee considered key issues raised during the Pupil Motivation Inquiry and agreed the terms of its draft report on the inquiry.

Scottish Parliament's Justice 2 Committee Inquiry into youth justice report, 06/06/05 [S]
This report details findings from the Justice 2 Committee's inquiry into youth justice. The report expresses ""profound concerns"" over a lack of stability in funding for support services to young offenders. The report also highlights gaps in crucial services, in particular mental health services, calling on the Executive to address the inadequate provision of services for children and young people with urgency.

Equal Opportunities Committee takes further evidence for their Gypsy/ Traveller inquiry, 06/06/05 [S]
The Committee took oral evidence from representatives from Save the Children Scotland for their Gypsy/Traveller inquiry at their meeting on 6 June 2005.

Education Committee considers Early Years Inquiry, 25/05/05 [S]
At their meeting on 25 May 2005 the Education Committee considered the Early Years Inquiry. Written evidence was submitted from local authorities and other service providers.

Health Committee inquiry into health legislation, 06/05 [S]
The Scottish Parliament's Health Committee has called for written evidence on the implementation of the Community Care and Health (Scotland) Act 2002 and the Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001. The Committee is particularly interested in views on whether the Acts are meeting their objectives and what aspects of implementation the Committee should be focussing their review on. Evidence must be submitted by <b>1 August 2005</b>.

Procedures Committee inquiry on the Sewel Convention, 02/05 [S]
The Scottish Parliament's Procedures Committee has called for written evidence in its inquiry on the Sewel Convention and Sewel motions. The convention states that Westminster should not normally legislate on devolved matters without the consent of the Scottish Parliament. Evidence must be submitted by <b>13 April 2005</b>.

Justice 2 Committee considers Youth Justice Inquiry, 15/03/05 [S]
At their meeting on 15 March 2005 the Justice 2 Committee considered the Youth Justice Inquiry.